Western Woodwright provides high-quality, custom timber products for residential projects up to large commercial projects such as the Jackson Hole Airport. Founded in Boise, ID


Ron Shamblin  Founder and President

Thirty years ago, in Ohio, Ron started his journey by building his own log home from the trees on his own land.  Soon after, he started his own business building log homes and found his passion for log and timber.  After living in Colorado for many years, he and his family moved to Boise, Idaho and establish Western Woodwright.  His dream of having a timber fabrication company that could build trusses and components in a controlled shop environment came to fruition.

As a Master Craftsman, Ron has a considerable degree of insight in regard to the behavior of large wood members and the importance of fine craftsmanship to the character, integrity, and longevity of timber structures. His experience and knowledge serve as the foundation of Western Woodwright and the day-to-day operations.

Russell Anderson  General Manager

Russell came to Western Woodwright in 2007 where he started as a craftsman in the shop.   Russell has since taken over as General Manager of Western Woodwright.  His shop experience has given him the knowledge needed to skillfully execute takeoffs and estimates for our customers projects.  He has also become skilled in CAD, allowing us to produce shop drawings for every project.  This has increased accuracy and confidence in fabricating projects to the highest standards and tolerances. These drawings also give our customers the assurance that when our product reaches their job site, everything will fit perfectly. 

Bill Weekes  Production Manager

Bill joined the team in 2013 and has proven his self to be a great craftsman.  Having succeeded Russell as Production Manager, he is instrumental in ensuring that only the finest products leave our facility.   With an eye for detail he assures that all projects are completed accurately and in a timely manner.