What We Do

Western Woodwright exists to provide building professionals with heavy timber components of exceptional quality that they can install themselves.  Heavy timber trusses and other components are produced in a controlled environment, so all the specialized tools that are needed for first-class fabrication are at hand and quality control is maximized. This also means that weather delays are nonexistent. The finished product is then stored in a dry environment until the builder is ready to take delivery, saving precious job-site space and time.

 We have become widely known for consistently providing master craftsmanship in the fabrication of heavy timber and glulam building components. Our expertise, when applied as a value-added service to the first quality materials being marketed by our partners in distribution, allows the contractor the ability to rise above the competition by offering an elevated level of efficiency, productivity and top shelf quality.

 Centrally located in the inter-mountain west, it affords us convenient access to the major producers of raw materials in Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington.