We are a team of craftsmen who share a sincere dedication to the historical roots of our craft. Put simply, we love what we do. Our mastery of the time-honored methods of shaping and joinery, complemented by today's technology, allows us to consistently deliver the level of artistry, efficiency, and precision our clients have come to expect.

Each Western Woodwright craftsman is an accomplished home builder who has elected to specialize in the creation of timber components of exceptional quality and beauty. This shared background allows us a unique perspective of the responsibilities and expectations placed upon the builder. We understand, first-hand, the demands of satisfying the home owner's needs and desires, while operating an efficient and profitable business.

Because the heavy timber trusses and other components are produced in our workshop, all the specialized tools that are needed for first-class fabrication are at hand and quality control is maximized. The finished product is then stored in a dry environment until the builder is ready to take delivery, saving precious job-site space and time.

Our excellent reputation is Western Woodwright's most valuable asset. We take great pride in our record of customer satisfaction, and we stand confidently behind our materials, workmanship, and service.