Our Process

Generally speaking, more time will be spent on preparation than actual fabrication.  Before the first stick of wood for a given project can be brought into the shop

From material, take-offs, and preliminary drawings, to consultations with architects and engineers, we strive to make the bidding process as easy as it can be for, you, the builder. 

Shop Drawings

Once the decision has been made to include Western Woodwright in a project, shop drawings are prepared, utilizing information which has been extracted from the architectural and structural plans.  These drawings are then submitted for review by the contractor, architect and engineer, any or all of whom may provide “red lines”, indicating changes or corrections. 

Once approval has been given by all, “for fabrication” drawings will be distributed.  This procedure is necessary, even for the smallest project, to ensure the precision that is required for proper fit at the time of installation.


Whether a project consists of solid sawn timbers, glulam or logs, lead times can be several weeks, so mill orders are placed as soon as shop drawings have been affirmed.  Other materials, such as any hardware or fabricated steel will be ordered as well.  Shop time will be scheduled, and an estimate of delivery date can be given.


Shop fabrication includes as much pre-fitting of components as can practically be done so that an efficient and trouble-free job site installation can be accomplished by the builder. 

Over-sized shipments are common, though occasionally it is necessary to ship larger items in a partially or completely disassembled state.  When this occurs, the installer can rest assured that the components have been pre-fitted and will arrive with instructions and are clearly labeled for accurate reassembly.